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Everyday millions of people buy new laptops to use at home or in the office. There are many companies that produce laptops with different specifications for various uses. Each model comes with its price, operating systems, shapes and colors. Although you can seek professional help before buying a laptop, here are some tips to help you evaluate a laptop according to your needs.

Hard Drive

The storage in a laptop can affect the laptop speed and its transfer rate, therefore the performance of the laptop depends on the speed. Today there many laptop models and some come with a hard drives with very high speed. Compare a number of laptops and select what suits your purpose.

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Processor (CPU)


It is the brain of the laptop and is the central processing unit; it has a huge influence on the laptop’s performance. if you are looking for combination of good performance and price go for the Intel Core i5. But there are other models that have different features.

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Display may differ according to the pixels of the screen. Most budget and mainstream laptops have 1366 x 768 displays, but if you are looking for a high end display go for  2560 x 1600, 3200 x 1800 or even 3840 x 2160 pixel.  The only short coming is that high sharp display consumes power which cause short life for your battery.

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Battery Life

Battery life depends on many components in the laptop that consume power. If you are looking for a laptop to use indoors where you can access power any time, you can have any even if the power does not last for long. But, if you are looking for a portable to use when outdoors, make sure the battery life is 6+ hours.

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A laptop with a good Ram will be the best. It should be big enough to store data and runs fast. Most laptops get slow when the memory becomes full.

Size and Weight

You can find three different sizes:-The first is 11 to 12 inches and weighing between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, the second is 13 to 14 inches and it weights under 4 pounds, and the third is 17 to 18 inches and it is perfect for workstations.

Operating System

Windows 10 TaskView

You can pick from the numerous operating systems available including OS and Windows. Any of them is perfect for any kind of work. So you choose depending on your personal preference.

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Now, you can choose your own laptop without having to getting any help.

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