dell m6800

Here is out small review and presentation of the world’s most powerful laptop. We will analyze all the aspects if this laptop and will review it’s performance.

We found out that Dell’s M6800 is a laptop with the power of a desktop workstation. Basically can be considered the world’s most powerful laptop. But there are some advantages, the laptop is not slim and doesn’t have an inspiring design. It’s simple and key are hard to press. Touchpad is small, but does it’s work smoothly.

dell m6800 thick

dell m6800 keyboard

dell m6800 keyboard angle

The Screen

We will start our review with the screen, it’s a mate screen with HD resolution, it’s not a 4k screen but with a decent performance of 1920 x 1080.

The screen is not the sharpest and the brightest, not the best angles to view. It’s a decent medium performance screen.

dell m6800 screen

The computer comes with Windows 7 preinstalled and you have the possibility to upgrade it to Windows 8.1, the Dell took care of that and has the drivers prepared for you.

Solid Specifications

The M6800 has inside a Intel i74800MQ 2.7Ghz CPU. According to this is currently the fastest CPU for a laptop, and has the highest Benchmark score of 8,560 points. That’s fantastic!

Intel Core i7-4800MQ 2.7Also you get 32 GB of RAM on your machine, and an NVIDIA graphics processor Quadro K5100M which has 8GB of memory. Playing games or using some graphics software will not be a problem for this machine at all, just set every setting to ultra-high.


What’s the Difference Between Quadro Cards and a GTX Gaming Cards?

Well if comparing the pecs of the cards we can find that gaming cards are faster and cheaper. Why did Dell use a Quadro card? Because Quadros are designed for professionals. They can take the 3D animation to a higher level. All the work and small adjustments will be easier and will be processed correctly and faster.

Ports and Slots

Dell’s M6800 has literary everything you need. Four USB 3.0, eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet and a VGA D-Sub and of course an HDMI port.

dell m6800 ports dell m6800 ports2


The M6800 from Dell is the fastest laptop I ever tried. Without too many test, just by working on it you can see the difference, the laptop doesn’t struggle to work at maximum performance for you, meaning that there is a reserve of performance that can be used elsewhere.

Working on it seems crazy, all the time is divided in half!

Battery life is about 2-3 hours, this is more than enough for this crazy machine, trust me!

The price for this laptop starts from just $ 1599, which is a very low price for this ultra performance laptop!

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