Android users are trying to avoid custom Android developed by other manufacturers, like Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense or LG’s Home.

Stock Android for some is perfect and for some is not. Well, I would like to inform you that stock Android is not as perfect as it looks. Stock Android has some weak points, and today I will inform you the most bad of them.

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Stock Android camera app is one of the worst. If we look back in the earlier Nexus smartphones from Google, each one had problems with bad quality camera. The camera for these devices usually was fixed by applying updates. While the other manufacturers tried to impress Android users with the best Camera, Google was constantly updating their Camera app because of bad quality problems. From the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 5 we got only bad reviews about the camera. Camera always had quality issues, and these issues were caused by software and not the hardware.

These problems are being solved by applying updates, but still too late. It seems that Android stock is too far to give us the best camera.


Android Operating System can easy view multiple applications running in the background. From there you can easy choose on which one to switch. One thing is that stock Android does not actually support viewing two apps on the scree at once.

Maybe you don’t really need this feature, but if you have a 10-inch Android table with stock Android, it will feel that your 10-inch tablet is useless as you cannot have on the screen more than one app at once.

Other brands like Samsung, LG, HTC and other offer this feature. So, if you have a phone with a big screen or a phablet you can easy work with two apps on one screen.

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The third most bad thing about the stock Android is the permissions. Developers like CyanogenMod has been working on managing permissions for years, while Stock Android didn’t pay attention to this.

Why you need to manage permission? If your Android supports managing the permissions, when installing a game you will be able to allow and restrict specific permissions that the game asks for. For example, when you are installing a game, you can see weird things, why would the game need permission to access your phone contacts? The Android with permission manager will show you this, and you can block it, and continue to play the game.

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These were The Most Bad Things About The Stock Android. I can say that still custom ROMs are not perfect. For example with stock Rom you will always get system updates first, where with custom ROM you will have to wait some good time.

Depending on user, we are sure that there are users that just love a specific custom ROM, and there are users that love the stock Android.

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