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So, you’ve decide that you’re going to purchase a new mobile phone or you just want to buy your daughter or son their first device. With varieties in the market to choose from, you might end up buying a mobile phone that you didn’t intend to.  Choosing a good phone depends on a number of factors. To be on the safer side, ensure you’re aware of the following shopping essentials.

Know the mobile phone features you want

If you exactly know and understand the features that you want to see or use in your mobile phone, your chances of paying more for the phone without your desired features is greatly reduced. There is no need of spending more on a phone with many features that you won’t need or use unless you just want to show it off or fit in some social status. Well, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that some features are irrelevant but I am only saying that there is no need of having them if you will never use them.

Plan for a reasonable price

smartphone android hand

Even though I don’t subscribe to the idea that you only get what you pay for, it’s advisable that you buy the best mobile phone as much as you can afford it if it has the features you’re looking for. You must always remember that ones you commit yourself to a cheap mobile phone that you weren’t looking for, chances are high that you will have it for sometimes before you upgrade. However, if you want to save some dollars, you can always compare different phones with reference to their features as well as prices and if you’re committed enough, you’ll probably get a nice one with a quality camera, high capacity battery and quality processor at a very cheap price.

Look for the right design

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Well, when you buy a mobile phone, it becomes part of you and I bet you’ll be spending more time with it than you do with anything including your loved ones. Therefore before you buy that mobile phone, ensure that it matches your personal sense of style. Hold it in your hand first and find out how it feels and you must ensure that it looks nice.

Now, you know how to get a good mobile phone that will not disappoint you. It is easy, just stick to the tips above.


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