Mac - Create Your Computer Account

You must be feeling good and enjoying the wonderful life made possible by technology using the Mac. This is a product from Apple and one of the high quality devices that you can find in the market today.  It is easy to use but here are some steps to help you with the initial setup.

Unwrap New Mac

Check for important things first

The first thing is to ensure that you have any USB and power cords. Once you get them, attach power cord then insert your USB drive and just like that, you’re good to go.

Ready for set up

Immediately you connect all the power cords, Your Mac will launch a program called Setup Assistant that is supposed to guide you in the process of learning and starting on Mac. Almost everything that you need to setup and get started will appear on your screen, thanks to Setup Assistant. It might get a bit complicated when it reaches a stage where Setup Assistant asks you whether you already own a Mac.

No need to worry though because the setup just wants you to choose whether you would want to transfer any data to your new Mac from the old one. In case, you have an old Mac and you think that the data should be transferred to your new machine, you can simply do that via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB or Firewire. If you don’t want the old data then you can start fresh.

Transfer Information to this Mac

Get a fresh start

If you asked the experts, they would advice that you start fresh because entire system transfers will sometimes slow your new Mac down due to the loads of legal restrictions. You can then migrate either partially or wholly. With partial migration, simply migrate your “Users” folder and adjust your settings as you reinstall the old apps. Alternatively, you can migrate through USB, Wi-Fi, or Firewire.

Finally learn how to do the scrolling

The last step is just learning how scrolling works in Lion by use of new touch-based gesture system. Whether you have Magi Mouse, Mgic Trackpad or even Integrated Trackpad, no need to panic because there is a description on how to do scrolling. Just follow the instruction as you scroll all throughout area with text and lastly, click on the button called Start Using Mac OS X Lion.

There you are now you have set your Mac and its read to use. You can have fun!

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