doctor who game screenshot

The game Doctor Who is a free game which will help young people to learn coding, the game is available for Android and iOS, also you can find it on Amazon app store. The game combines an adventure platform with an introduction to Boolean based programming logic.

doctor who game screenshot

The game has 12 levels in which players will follow and hunt for Orb of Fates, that should unlock the Starbane, a weapon that can kill the solar system.

From the first levels the game starts with coding puzzles that you must solve to get to the next levels. Going to the next levels the game becomes more hard and more coding you need to introduce to complete the level. The game look simple, you just need to drop commands onto a timeline, the game looks like a video editing program.

This game is recommended for kids, it can stimulate them to understand the programming concepts, the game also can be played online.


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