Facebook Addiction

It’s not the first time when scientists told us that navigating on social networks can cause us different health issues, mostly mental health issues. Being too much on social networks will increase our anxiety level and depression.

British Congress of Psychological Society on 1st and 9th of September at a conference in Manchester suggested us an important message: “You Have to Know When to Disconnect“.

The study made by British Congress of Psychological Society shows us that the teenagers are connected for too much time on social networks like Facebook, and they are getting in depression very easy because of this.

“Being a teenager is very vulnerable, a depression can appear as well as anxiety, or a bad sleeping time” shows Dr. Heather Cleland Woods, he adds that is very important to know how these effects appear because of social networks.

The study was on 467 teenager which had to complete a questionnaire about being on social networks during the day or night. The test also evaluated the respect of themselves, signs of depression or anxiety and emotionally.

In conclusion, using the social networks during the day makes teenager emotionally unstable and give them a bad sleep at night. Being emotionally excessive means that respect of themselves is lowering and anxiety and depression is growing. This were the main conclusion of the research.
Image source (Flickr): Dave Rutt

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