google drive scan app

Scanning documents doesn’t always mean to use your scanning hardware, you can make good scan just using your Android phone. What you need is just a good app that will be able to process the document in a good quality and the right brightness settings so in the final you’ll have an ideal document that will look just like it was scanned using a scanner.

On Android device one of the best ways to scan the documents of course is using Google Drive app. You will have just to open the app and tap on the “+” button and then select “Scan“.

google drive scan app

Then after taking a photo of the document, Google Drive will automatically crop it and clean it. You can change more settings like the color depth, rename it, or add another scan.

Google Drive automatically scans the documents into a PDF format, and you can add multiple documents into the same PDF file.

By tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner and selecting “Settings” , you can set how images are automatically enhanced, paper size, orientation, and image quality.

google drive scan app settings

Scanning documents with Google Drive app is very easy and it works well. Also you should remember the feature that automatically saves your documents to the cloud so you will not have to transfer them manually by USB cable.


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