Scanning documents from your iPad or iPhone can be done easy with help of a good application. You don’t need to get a scanning hardware, you can make good scan just using your iOS device. What you need is just a good app that will be able to process the document in a good quality.

Let me teach you how to make good quality and easy scanned documents using an iPhone or iPad. For sure you will have to use the fastest and easiest app called Scannable from Evernote. Currently the app is available only for iOS but it will be a great concurrent for Google Drive app on Android.

evernote scannable loho

Scannable is free and easy to use app. You open the app and simply hold your device over your document, the screen will turn blue and a white progress indicator will appear. When a complete circle is formed, the document is scanned.

scannable app

When the document will be ready, at the bottom of the screen will be the name of scanned file, which by default  is “Scannable Document”. You can tap and rename the document, also you have options to insert your documents into a message, email or add the to your Camera Roll. You can also share scans via calendar to events.

scannable options

Scannable is an excellent way to scan your documents easy and keeping the documents quality. The guys from Evernote did a great job again. What do you think?

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