Backing up your data, today has become a very important thing, and it doesn’t matter that you are backing up data at your work or at home on your personal computer. This is a safe measure to save all our data especially when today we have HDD’s with Terabytes and we are keeping to save all our data for years.

Green-Backup-iconBacking up our data can be a problem, to backup professionally without any effort we should apply for a service like Apple iCloud or any other backup service, most of them are free but storage limited.

Let’s try to think about all backup options and see how much it will cost us and what do we get:

External Hard Drive Backup

It’s one of the cheapest way to backup your data, today hard drives are very cheap you can get a lot of memory with less that $100. Even more today External Hard Drives are very compact and you need just 1 USB port. This is a very good way to backup, but you’ll need to remember yourself every time to do it regularly.

Wireless Backup

Today we have wireless options for backing up our data, like: Apple’s Time Capsule, WD My Cloud and many more.┬áThis hardware is a wireless router with an external hard driver, plug in to your router and its connected to your home Wi-Fi and you copy all necessary data to it via Wi-Fi, also you can set it to do the backup for yourself. It’s one of the most easy and comfortable way to do the backup and it costs between $200 – $400 with 2TB-3TB.

Off-site Backup

Off-site backup is one of the most high-tech ways to backup your data, everyone thinks that it’s very expensive and complicated. Wrong. Using an off-site backup can be also cheap, like Backblaze starting with $5/month, there are more expensive and with more options providers like Carbonite starting at $59/month. Using a simple $5/month plan will not affect your data or quality. The off-site backup runs in background and will not affect your computer speed or internet connection as it is optimized to work without you to noise it.

If you found a method to backup and we did not write it, please comment. See ya!


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