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Deciding on which Mac to buy can be very challenging given that there are six types with each having different specs and features. They are all amazing, but you cannot buy and you have to choose one. The description of each of them below might help you make the right choice.


macbook pro

After a MackBook model that was released some years back fell on the way side, Apple decided to come up with new models and the first of that kind was available for sale from 10 April 2015. Even though it has a Retina display, the focus is on the style and its portability but not on the practicalities of computing because it only comes with basic processor and there is only one port. Lastly, it comes in three colors: gold, space gray and silver.

MacBook Air


Because it is ultrathin and extremely light laptop, it has earned itself the name ultrabook. The MackBook Air is of two screen sizes including 11-inch and 13-inch. Launched in 2008, it was the first laptop from Apple with SSD (flash storage). Currently, the price of MackBook Air starts from £749.

Mac Pro

As the Pro part of the name suggests, it’s a Mac for professionals designed to guarantee power for those who use the laptop almost all the time. Its price tag, which starts from £2,499, is a clear indication that it’s meant for professionals and the Mac fanatics.


Unwrap New Mac

Even though it’s extremely thin, the whole computer is hidden behind the iMac’s beautiful display. It comes in three different screen sizes including the 21.5-inch, 27-inch and 27-inch with the first two having a 4K Retina display if at all they are those ones that were launched in October 2015. The one with the 27-inch is the latest and it sports a 5K Retina display.

Mac mini

It’s the first computer desktop from Apple that was first released in 2005. It has an HDMI port making it possible to be plugged directly into a TV screen.

MackBook Pro

There are three types of its kind and one of them is 13in with a Retina display as well as a flash storage. The other one is a 15in with a Retina display and a higher processor and specs. The third one has a non-Retina display – the only Mac that features a CD/DVD Drive.

Now you know more about each Mac available in the market. Go for that you find most suitable for you.

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