super mario maker

Super Mario Maker is like a Lego, from different elements you make playing levels with all the fantasy you have. It’s super fun to make fun and crazy levels by yourself. You can spend hours to make stages and spend hours by playing stage created by the same passionate community fans.

10 Mario Challenge

You will have 10 lives to complete levels. There are 68 stage and all of them are different with different challenges. It’s a fun experience to solve a Mario puzzle and improve your skills. 10 Mario Challenge is where you have to complete a sample course you unlock, the course can be examined and even disassembled in the Course Maker with an intuitive design suite that can allow you to easy build Mario stages in all styles from the oldest version of Mario to the newest.

Creating New Levels

super mario maker penIt doesn’t matter the style you want to create the level, the interface has an easy and intuitive design, there are smart buttons and shortcuts, you just have to drag and drop the elements where you want them to be. There are 60 individual building blocks to make levels, starting with ground titles to enemies, you get a lot of fun testing them after.

Personalize Stages

You can experience with your imagination. With Super Mario Maker you can do all things you want, for example you can create stages to show a special birthday message for your friend, or take a stage that you like and personalize it as you want, add sounds, layers and creatures.

super mario maker screenshot2You can build almost anything you want, in the process you will discover more and more interesting things that you would like to apply.

Share Levels with Others

mario maker sceenshotOnce a you create  level you can easy upload it to Nintendo’s servers and keep track of stats and feedback through notifications. Also you can easy find and play popular levels designed by other people from the Mario community.

100 Mario Challenge

This is the most extreme level where you have to play through over 16 user created stages in a mini-campaign from the maker community. If you find it too difficult you can easy choose another one.

The Verdict

Super Mario Maker is a great game to spend time alone and with your friends. Looks like this is an unlimited world of stages and level creations that Nitendo gave to us by marking Mario’s 30th birthday. The game is very fun to play and you will never be tired of it as there always will be more levels to play thanks to the online creation community. Please note that Super Mario Maker is available for Wii U only for now. Have Fun!

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