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Nothing can annoy you like Windows 10 restarting without your permission.  The updates and downloads just happen without prior notification and it ends up interfering with your work.  The computer restarts and you have to wait until the update process is complete.  The best thing is that you can solve this problem and only update the Windows 10 when you want, it is advisable to download and update when you can for you keep enjoying the use of Windows 10.

Here is how you can do that:

It is easy to prevent your Windows 10 from downloading without your permission.  You start by going to Settings, move to Update & Security, then to Windows Update and Choose Advanced options. Use the option called Choose how updates are installed and changed from Automatic, which is usually recommended to Notify to schedule restart. You will find it in the drop down menu.

Windows 10 Restarting

Now you are in control

Once you do this, you will always be asked to schedule the updating process every time an update has been completed. You select the right time when the process will not interfere with your work.  You can be sure that no surprises and system restart that can leave you screaming with anger.  Most people tend to ignore this but it can actually start downloading when you are in the middle of an important business meeting. But, why go through the torture and risk of losing a good deal?

Let the updates happen when you want them to

The control is in your hands and Windows Update should not be the reason you worry while working.  You can check the updates, choose to start them manually or simply defer them until you are ready to allow them.



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