Technology is taking the human race to a whole new level. This something most people would not have imagined 10 years ago. We only used to see some of what is happening today in the movies and wondered whether it would come to be or the movies directors and producers were just too imaginative. However, much as technology is bringing us incredible amazing things to enjoy, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that some of our freedom is getting restricted. Consider the following;

The Use of Miometrics

The awesome technology that was used in James Bond movies more than a decade ago to identify a person using biometrics has come to be. Iris scanners and face recognition tools are now being used in our Smartphones for protection. Biometrics which strives to identify a person based on their human traits has become a popular form of identification in many areas today. While no one wants to be a victim, governments and employers are using these technological tools to gather people’s data. It is very likely that your every move no matter the time of day can now be monitored. This is definitely not a big plus for this type of technology for many people.

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The Internet in Our Homes

We have come to an era where TVs are no longer just accessories in our homes but gadgets that we can interact with. The latest TVs have cameras and voice recorders which are designed to help you interact with it be it when you want to change a channels or reducing the volume. Such interactions between the TV and yourself are recorded and stored to help the TV maker improve on future products. Problem is, even normal household conversation won’t escape the watchful video and voice recorder of the TV.

The Technology in Mobile Phones

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If you are ever keen to check what appears after downloading an app or a game on to your phone, you might start wondering whether you are really safe. Many apps have a feature that by default allows them to pick your personal information, browsing habits, contacts and other information. In this era where cyber bullying and swindling is rampant, you should consider this seriously.

Now you know that despite having an easy time using technology, it does come with some disadvantages. The best ways to remain safe is put safety measures in place and avoid anything that can cause you problems or interference with your private life.

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