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You may be having an old Mac that that can still serve you well but the battery is the problem. The battery wears out with time and it may even stop storing power for long. Well, let me take you through the process of how to give your Mac a new lease of life by diagnosing the battery problem and replacing it.

MacBook Battery Health

Signs of Battery Problems

First, if you notice that your MacBook is no longer lasting for the long hours as it used to on a full charge, that’s a sign that there is a problem. Secondly, your MacBook can develop a tendency of switching off occasionally even if the battery is indicating a reasonable charge and if that happens, it’s high time you examined the battery.

Diagnosing the Problem

The MacBook is made in such a way that it monitors the health of its battery at all times. Therefore, to know whether there is a problem, simply hold down the Alt/Option key then click on the battery charge icon, which is at the top right of your desktop. At the top of the menu, the status of the battery will appear and depending on the condition, you’ll see one of the following four messages:


When the message you see is normal, then your MacBook have another problem but not the battery.

Replace Soon

This message only serves you with a notice that you should start planning about battery replacement but it doesn’t indicate that your MacBook has a problem with the battery. In short, it’s not demanding for a replacement and therefore your machine should function normally. This message is supposed to appear when the working day has reduced but not at an alarming rate. Let’s assume that your MacBook battery used to last for 7 hours. In case the hours reduces like let’s say to 5, then the message Replace Soon will appear.

Replace Now

When you see this status, it’s a serious warning that your MacBook battery is near dead and you should replace it immediately.

Service Battery

When you see this status, it’s more or less the same as Replace Battery message. It’s also a clear indication that your MacBook battery is almost dead and it therefore needs an urgent attention, which is most likely a replacement.

The battery of your Mac is important and if it fails, that means your gadget will not function properly.

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