Mobile Data on Android

Every Android phone has a number of Wi-Fi networks saved in it. Yours is definitely not an exception. Today, many homes, offices, restaurants and other places that you visit frequently have WiFi connections and you end up saving them in your phone. Most of them come with a password and you have to ask for it to aces the connection. You save in your phone and then forget about it. So you go online whenever you are in one of the places where your phone connects automatically.

However, Android phones do not allow you to see all the passwords that you have saved. This means that you cannot share it with friends without getting the passkey. Luckily, there is a way that you can get to see it.

How is it possible?

To see the save passwords, your Android device must be able to use the applications that make it possible.  The apps retrieve WiFi networks passkeys that you have saved in your phone. But, they do not enable you to access other new networks. It is not a way to steal passwords, but just let you view the saved passwords in your Android.

There are two applications

The apps that help you see your passwords are two. They do the same thing and therefore any of them is as good as the other. But, WiFi Key Recovery is a bit outdated. The only good thing about it is that it has been tested and proven to give a quick real solution. It has not been updated since 2012 making it terribly outdated.  The other app is WiFi Passwords and its appealing because it has been updated making it a good choice. You can choose any of the two depending on your personal preference.

Install your app

You start by installing your preferred app in your Android device. After that give it the SuperUser permissions and you will be taken to the WiFi networks passwords saved in your device. When using WiFi key Recovery, the password is in the PSK field.  The WiFi Passwords gives you the password below each network.  You can research the network’s SSID, which means using the name of the network to get its password.

Android Password

Now you can share the password or troubleshoot your network

You can screenshot and share the password with your friends or simply use the sharing options provided by the apps. So now you know how to check when your WiFi connections give you trouble.

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