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Sometimes pour Android apps can misbehave and it means you have to get rid of them. Every Smartphone comes with the application manager, which enables you to go to the menu settings. You will find it at the top level, but this depends on the phone you are using. Once you find it, touch it to open and take you the application manager.  This where you carry out your business because all the apps installed in your phone are clearly visible.  From here, you can do the cleaning thoroughly.

Clearing Your App Cache

Android - Clear Cache App

While using applications, they keep files that you can refer later. The files are kept in cache and a good example is the Android central app. This app saves photos and pieces of stories and you do not have to download them if you want to read them again. It helps you save data and your time. When you are looking for apps to delete, you clear them together with the stored files. Touch the app to delete and then touch Clear cache icon. See simple steps to clear cache.

Delete or Reset the App

Deleting and clearing all data is too drastic. Remember that when you clear an app, it goes with its settings. If you want to use it again, it means you get it afresh and start from step one. So, clearing it should be your last option. If you delete Facebook, you will have to enter details and sign in again. Clearing a game app means you will lose all levels you had achieved in it and start like a new player. Be ready to start afresh after you clear your data.

When Should You Clear the Cache

This is one question that most people do not know how to answer. There is no need to rush and delete your apps. But, sometimes you have no option especially if it becomes slow and unresponsive; it’s time to clear it. At times an app goes crazy and just won’t function, clear it and enjoy a fresh fast beginning. When you tap on it and touch the clear icon, you are warned and asked if you are sure about deleting it. Go on and confirm. If you have to use the appp every day, reinstall it after clearing it and it will reset from scratch. It comes with advantages and there is no need to deal with a malfunctioning app, get rid of it.

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