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A desktop with beautiful wallpaper makes your computer look nice and even motivates you to work. However, it takes time to search for good one every day and no one wants waste time doing that.  Now you do not have to go through the hustle to find a high quality and unique wall papers image for your Chromebook desktop daily. Google has Art Projects that gives beautiful art or you can get every day’s image from Bing and use it as your computer’s wallpaper.

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Google Wallpaper App

The apps are easy to use and you will find them in Chrome Web Store where you can choose one that you want.  You can use Google Wallpaper Art app to place art images from Google Art Project on your desktop. This is made possible by Google Cultural Institute  that digitizes paintings and images found in art galleries and other collections to give them maximum public viewing. Once you see an image that interests you, open your Chromebook’s app or look at notifications to get more information. The Art Project archives in Google Cultural Institute can be accesses online making it possible to view all the images and select what you want.

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Most people do not like using Bing even though its home page updates its images every day.  If you are one of them, you should install Bing Wall Paper for Chromebook app found in Web Store. When you do that, the new images for wallpaper use will be sent  to your desktop daily. Microsoft ensures that all the images are high quality and you can see that; they are lovely. When using windows, its even easier because Microsoft has a desktop application for end users that update the wallpapers automatically every day.

Chromebook - Wallpaper App

Chromebook app for Bing Wallpaper

The apps use chrome.wallpaper API to give your daily images when using Chrome OS. They do not work with Mac, Linux PC or Windows. The Chrome OS has security ensures that your are safe even when using the free wall paper changer. The apps only have ability to deliver new wallpaper once installed and nothing more.

For other users of Chrome they can go for the extensions provided by Google and allow every new tab to show Google Art Project images or Google Earth satellite photos.  These ones can work on Mac, Linux and Windows and you have no reason not to get a new image for your desk top every day.

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