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If you are a blogger, you should wonder what is pingback or at least what it does and should you approve it or no. If your website is linked somewhere on the internet you should receive pingback comments. You can approve them or not, you decide.

What is a PingBack

A pingback is a notification that another website has linked your content on their website. This is automatically registered by server software like WordPress. When your website gets linked you receive a notification as a comment to approve. If you will approve, the link to the website which linked yours, will be shown as a comment.

Benefits from a PingBack

Pingback is a nice thing if you use it as information, you can see what website has linked to your website, what type of website it is, and is it a popular website or no. You will see the url of the website in your comment when you approve it.

But if I would be the reader I would not be pleased to see instead of comments, the pingbacks, this will not be interesting for me as a visitor. A reader can get frustrating that instead of reading nice comments that explains more, he will see just some links to other websites. So I cannot say that there are any benefits, if just to know for your self which website linked to your website.

PingBacks from my own website

Self-pings are pinbacks from your own website, they will appear when you will link on your website a page from your website, for example when you link in your article the web address of another article from the same website. The self-ping are not too different from normal pingbacks and keeping them will not increase your readers interest or website traffic.

Final Note

As a blogger I am not approving pingbacks as they do not offer any value information for my readers. But I am very curious to read the information from pingbacks when I receive them, I am getting informed which website linked my website. If I will receive a pingback from a popular website for sure I will approve it so my readers will see that my information from my website has a value and it is recommended.

I hope that you understood what are pingbacks and how do they work.

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