Trying to create my own twitter application that needed to have “read & write acceess” so it can use the service to share posts from my website to my tweeter page. This service requires the application to have read & write access so I just tried switching to read & write access. But it was not so easy, twitter ask me to add my mobile number to Twitter account. There when I try to add it, it tells me that my mobile number carrier is not yet supported:

[pull_quote_center]Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your mobile provider yet!
Don’t worry, we’re on it and will let you know once things are set up. In the meantime, use one of our long codes. Learn more ([/pull_quote_center]

Sure there is a solution which can work mostly all the time. You need to use your smartphone to add your phone number. Downlod and install Twitter Mobile Application on your smartphone, as I use Android in my case I will download it from Google Play, Same steps will work with iPhone device. Now login with your username and password, in the application click “Settings”:

t1After clicking on “Settings”, another view opens where you have to click on your account, then click “Security” and the following screen will appear where you’ll have to write your mobile number:

t2When you will click Add phone, it will redirect you to the website, and you’ll have there to add your mobile number:


After adding the phone number and pressing save, you will have to wait round 2 minutes. Twitter will send you a confirmation code SMS, and you will have to write the confirmation code and press Verify. After this last step the phone number is approved and you should be able to switch the application access to “Read & Write”.

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