Google has made things easy by giving you plenty of information. But, sometimes you may not be in a position to access it if you do not internet connection. Google maps are one of the many services that can be difficult to use if you have no internet. What most people do not know is that it’s possible to access the maps when offline if you save them.

Google Maps - Save Map

Saving Google Maps to Use Offline

It is an easy process. Just move to the location on the map that you would like to use even when offline. Tap on the Search bar and move down and touch Save map to use offline. If decide to search your location instead finding it manually, touch the bottom bar, and go to menu button and touch Save offline map. Whichever way you do it, it takes you back to the map and it comes with a new interface.

The app saves everything you want as long as it’s in view. There is limit on what you can save, but the space enough to save a one or two cities. Only that it can save a whole state and you just click Save once you have found the whole area that you want to use offline. Remember to write the name of the area in the dialogue box.

To view the offline maps, swipe towards the right side of this app and touch Your Places, which found on the menu at the top. Move downwards and choose View all and manage in the section of offline maps. You can view offline maps available, their size and the date they will expire. You can touch the menu icon to update, delete or name your saved maps.

Offline Maps – What You Need to Know

 The saved maps work normally as if you are connected to internet. Changes are experienced if your phone has no data. It can be slow and will and you have to speed it up. You also need to know that saved maps get cleared after 30 days. This is usually to enable you make get updated map data. It is a limitation by Google and there is nothing you can do to extend it.

Saved maps do not allow you to navigate step by step to view different points. You do it traditionally, meaning you have to navigate manually. Saving Google maps online is suitable when you do not expect it to work as fast as it does with an internet connection.

Google Maps - Save Maps Offline

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