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Podcasts are the best to use during leisure time since they reduce boredom. When one is not able to manage the Podcasts, the space of your iPhone and MAC is likely to reduce. In some instances one will continue to download movie episodes by not being aware that they are adding more subscriptions to the podcasts. This has led to the IPhone alerting one of low storage space thus a person wonders what may be occupying that large space.

One can manage podcasts easily by deleting downloads that you did long time ago and remain with few that are recent. This will prevent episodes from downloading automatically. Also ensure that you delete all the episodes you may have watched or listened to. In your MAC, you should first click the iTunes then on the Podcasts view. First locate podcasts button at the top linefunctions, click on view button or use the shortest way by pressing command + 4 using the keyboard.

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When managing the podcast, you will click on the Defaults button found at the bottom left corner. A podcast default will appear thus one can change the way in which podcasts are stored as well as downloaded. From this, some choices will arise such as refresh. This settings will enable one decide how frequently to use the iTunes for the new podcast episodes. You can make these changes during any hour, by yourself or to every day.

In cases when one wants to save on space and have total control, one can use the manual settings. There is a possibility of one limiting the duration and number of episodes a device can support. This is easily possible by storing episodes for weeks, months, or days. When downloading the episodes, one can use the iTunes or turn it off when you are not using it. ITunes are the best to use when downloading since one can stream videos even when beyond Wi-Fi range.

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When using an iPhone or an iPad, one can adjust podcasts by opening the settings and tapping on podcasts. You should use the podcast Default when changing the settings. Use the Remove download option to delete any episodes from your device. When deleting many episodes, use the edit button then press delete.

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