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I am sure most of you tried the features to save pages offline on the PC. But why not to do it on your mobile phone, on Android for example.

You can save pages offline when using internet from your WiFi for example, and later open them and read them. We all know the costs of the mobile internet traffic. We cam do this things with Chrome Dev Browser.

What is Chrome Dev Browser?

Chrome Dev browser is a type of Beta version of the Chrome browser, that has all the latest features and you can give early feedback to Google about it. You can install Chrome Dev browser alongside the other Chrome Browser that you use for Android. So it would not be a problem to store some offline pages for later use when for example you are in an area where you don’t have WiFi access.

Save Pages Offline with Chrome Dev

First thing that you have to do is to visit Google Play Store and download Chrome Dev, you can visit Google Play Store from your PC and send the command to install Chrome Dev, or from open Play Store app from your mobile device and search for ‘Chrome Dev’.

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After installing it, you can enable the hidden feature to save pages offline, and you can use them anytime without internet access.

To enable the feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome Dev and in the address bar type the following and press enter: Chrome://flags
  2. In the list give search for “Enable offline pages.”
  3. Then toggle this entry to “Enabled.”
  4. Save the changes.

After doing these steps, you will see a menu option that is called “Saved Pages.” You can use it to save pages you want to keep offline. Also you can find pages that you already saved in the Bookmarks section. For now this feature is available only in Dev version of Chrome browser, but we really hope that Google will roll it out for Chrome Browser.

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