Samsung us working on a standalone virtual reality headset that will incorporate positional tracking. The technology will be close to the other high end virtual reality devices on the market.

On the market currently we have the well know Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Samsung revealed the company’s head of R&D for software and services during a conference in San Francisco Wednesday.

“We are working on wireless and dedicated VR devices, not necessarily working with our mobile phone,” Rhee said. Some of the other features that Samsung is exploring for the next generation of VR headsets is hand and gesture tracking. However, Rhee cautioned that it may take a few more years before we see these kinds of features in devices from Samsung, or anyone else for that matter. “VR is amazing, but the industry is still at its infancy,” Injong Rhee said.

Samsung thinks that 2016 is shaping up to be the year of VR,  said Samsung director of software development Andrew Dickerson. The company will reveal its previously announced Gear 360 camera. The camera can cost up to $350, when it will go on sale.

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Samsung also has officially announced the VR Upload SDK, whichwill allow camera makers to add the ability to upload content to Samsung’s Milk VR service directly to their own apps.

New features will be added like, interactive content published on Milk VR. With new upload editing tools, publishers will be able to add interactive trigger points to their own videos.

Samsung has big plans for the standalone headset, and it has a big potential to play against the Oculus which has developed the software platform to power the Gear VR.

However Samsung and Facebook which is the head of Oculus could work together so the Oculus will have their software as an operator and leave to the Samsung the system. In this case they both could compete against Google, which is know to build their own virtual reality unit, and as we know Google can take the lead every time.


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