Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

Let’s start with Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6, a small comparative article which will highlight the main specs of these two flagship models.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was released in 2015. It can be described as a rescue call for the S5, which was no match for the iPhone 6. The S6 has become Samsung’s flagship model, providing serious competition to the iPhone 6 with its amazing features. Aspiring buyers are spoil for choice when it comes to what these smartphones have to offer.

Apple and Samsung, the leading brands in the smartphone market have continuously given their followers and pundits something to show with the smart technologies they come up with each year. These smartphones have notable advancements in design, the quality of materials used and performance. We are going to compare these smartphones based on 5 key characteristics:

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Display Quality


The iPhone 6 has a Retina HD screen that measures 720P 4.7 inch with 326 PPI and a resolution of 1334 X 750. This clearly is no match for Samsung’s S6, which sports an astonishing 2K quality 5.1 inch Super AMOLED 326 PPI screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This makes it clear that any smartphone user enthusiastic with a large and sharp display should go for the S6.

Battery Life

The battery capacity of a smartphone usually indicates how long the battery in it can last. The Samsung galaxy s6, with its massive battery capacity of 2550 mAh, has a standby time of over 300 hours and 20 hours talk time, completely outdoing the iPhone 6, which comes with a battery of 1810 mAh capacity and a talk time of only 14 hours.


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Both cameras in the two smartphones capture crisp clear images, though Samsung edges slightly over Apple iPhone camera again with their 4K Ultra HD video recording, although these images takes up more storage. The iPhone 6 can only record up to 1080P, with a front camera of only 1.2 MP as opposed to the 5MP in the S6.

CPU Performance and RAM

For single threaded processes, the iPhone 6’s CPU is more powerful than the Samsung galaxy S6, even though the S6 comes with a 2.1 GHz processor with 8 cores and 3 GB RAM. The S6 is however powerful when it comes to handling multiple threaded processes at once.

Storage and Network

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The base models for the S6 and the iPhone 6 come with 32 GB and 16 GB respectively, with both models having optional additional storage of 64 and 128GB.

Both smartphones support the latest and fastest mobile network, 4G (LTE) as well as 4G and 3G.

Conclusion – Galaxy S6 vs Iphone 6

In conclusion I would like to pay attention that the phones are very close to specifications. The only thing is that you have to pay attention on what type of operating system you like. For example iOS is simple and minimalist, where the Android is the opposite and gives you much more possibilities to tweak and customize the system. Check here the Android and iOS specs. You take the decision, good luck!

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