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Sometimes while using your Samsung Galaxy S6, you may encounter problems that make your smartphone fail to function like it is supposed to. When faced with such irritating problems, you might switch off your phone hoping that when you power it back on, the problem will be gone but instead the problem hangs on. If this happens to you, there could be an issue with the software of your Galaxy S6. A Galaxy S6 Hard Reset could always help to resolve most issues.

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Guide: Samsung Galaxy S6 Hard Reset

A Galaxy S6 hard reset is usually the first option to counter such a problem since it usually eradicates any non-fatal errors and problems the software might have encountered. However, this takes us to our next challenge. Not many of us are tech-savvy thus hard resetting becomes a difficult task. But it’s not. If you do want to learn how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S6 yourself, here is a simple tutorial that will show you exactly how it should be done.

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1. What You Should Know

You must know that hard resetting your Galaxy S6 will wipe out any memory in it, which includes pictures, applications, music and videos. It is recommended to back up these data to an external storage or cloud storage.

2. Power Off your Galaxy S6smartphone android hand

Power off your Galaxy S6, you do this by pushing down the power button until the power options appear then select power off.

3. Press and Hold Volume Up + Home + Power

Once it’s switched off, press Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together and just hold down them until the Samsung Logo appears.

4. Recovery Mode Menu

When the S6 enters into the recovery mode menu, use the volume down button to select “wipe data or factory reset” then confirm by pressing the power button.

Wait for a few seconds as the Samsung Galaxy S6 wipes out its memory and resets itself.

5. Reboot System

Once completed, navigate using the volume buttons to the “reboot system now” option and pushing power button to accept.

Your S6 is now hard reset to factory system setting. Wait patiently as it boots and takes you through the first boot up process and account setup.

That’s’ how the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be hard reset by anyone without necessarily having any technological know – how. It is however important to back up your data before doing a hard reset on your S6 because once wiped out, data cannot be retrieved.

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