galaxy s6 edge review
Samsung just unveiled the two new phones nearly identical, both run Android 5.0 with 5.1 inch high-resolution displays. However the most expected phone was Galaxy S6 Edge, with two curved-glass edges, each wrapping the long side of the phone with a smooth, readable display.


First question you’ll ask yourself is about the screen, like the S6, the S6 Edge has a 5.1-inch ‘2K’ QHD AMOLED screen with an impressive 1,440 x 2,560 resolution and an 577 ppi. Running a movie proves that Samsung is making some of the best 2K phone displays, however the curved edges don’t offer anything additional to the viewing experience except extending the black bars on the movie trailer.

The uses for those two curved edges are quite limited, and especially for them there’s a dedicated section to customize the Edge screen in the Settings menu. Which includes:

  • Edge lighting – turns the curves essentially into a larger notification light for calls and messages,
  • People edge – can assign different colors to different contacts,
  • Notifications – displayed when the phone is in standby mode,
  • Night Clock – which you can use on either side of the phone.



The interesting part is that Samsung decided to go with a non-removable back. Which means no microSD card and no access to the 2,600mAh battery. But this might no be a problem considering that Samsung increased internal space to 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Also, they tweaked the fingerprint technology baked into the home button to support Touch ID-style touches instead of the standard swipes.Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

Operating system

Galaxy S6 Edge comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop, overlaid with the latest version of Samsung Touchwiz. Which meanwhile was slightly modified & cleaned up and thanks god it became more simple and now it doesn’t flood the device with bloatware apps.


Well seems that Samsung decided to move forward and got a 14nm, 64bit octa-core processor which combines the quad-core 2.1GHz and 1.6GHz parts demostrated on the Galaxy S6 and all this is covered with a 3GB of RAM.

On the internet there are already more performance tests, which reveals the amazing power of Samsung Galaxy S6. On the AnTuTu benchmark it got the first place with 69019 points, followed by Meizu MX4 and Galaxy Note 4, on Geekbech 3 benchmark it got 4,547 points followed by HTC One and Nexus 9, while the iPhone 6 barely reached the 6’th place.



The S6 Edge got a 16-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front-facing camera, both with f/1.9 lenses to improve low light shooting. Samsung claims that the f/1.9 lens lets in 60% more light than the Galaxy S5’s lens and will radically improve low-light performance. Also S6 got the 4K video shooting feature, which allows you to get 5 minutes of amazing images.



On the internet there are already some videos which reveals phone’s features, and here is one:

Source: Android Authority


Galaxy S6 Edge left us with the most pleasant impressions and considering all the innovations that we found, for sure the price will leave us stunned. But, this remains to be seen until April 10 when Samsung claims to start selling it.

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