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You might ask yourself, how easily does my galaxy S6 break? We will describe a Samsung Galaxy S6 Drop Test.  This is a very disputable question because everyone has a different account and even drop tests by the company itself sometimes become thus it does little help to listen to praises or complaints but rather try the test yourself. Of course you are not ready to test its fragility using your galaxy S6, but it worth knowing what to expect incase you drop it by mistake.

Again, this proves to be something not for everyone since the Galaxy S6 isn’t really a cheap smartphone. Performing such crash tests would only be reserved for the company itself – Samsung Electronics or established smartphone review websites but the good news is that you do not have to be any of those to know how this device performs in a drop test because the following are official drop test results from different height levels.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Drop Test

First lets take a look at a Drop Test video from TechRax:

Pocket Height Drop, Slightly Over 3 Feet

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pocket

Because the Galaxy S6 design included the aluminum edges, this is the first thing that hits the ground when it crashes on its side, thus preventing the screen from smashing into pieces.

From drop tests performed at his height, the S6 also suffers zero impact in case it’s protected by the Rhino shield Guard which goes for $29.

Approximately 6.5 Feet Drop

Again at this height, the Galaxy S6 has been tested to survive a crash with little to no damage at all due to the robust casing and the reinforcements of the aluminum at the edges that withstands the impact of the test and prevents the screen from any damage.

11 – 16 Feet and More

Samsung Galaxy S6 Drop Test

You might all be saying it cannot survive such heights without getting damaged and yes…those assumptions are very true. Even though the frame may not be affected because of the robust aluminum edges, the internal components of the Galaxy S6 can’t handle the impact thus the display may get shattered but still work, which is a great achievement for a glass protected Smartphone.

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Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S6 performs excellently by its standards. Even drop tests at higher levels still leave the phone’s buttons in a working condition, so that what you only have to do is change the screen. This saves you from writing off the S6 considered the cost of purchasing a new one. Its one gadget that comes with quality and modern tech features, which make its worth considering.

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