google-chrome-android[1]__1412066051_89.28.59.217[1]At the end of August, Google gave Chrome OS the ability to run Android apps through the “App Runtime for Chrome”. However this release works only on Chrome OS and with certain apps. Thanks to a developer named “Vladikoff“, “limits became unlimited”. He made a big breakthrough and got Android apps to work on any desktop OS that Chrome runs on. So, you can run Android apps on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The ARChon Custom Runtime – a modified version of Google’s Android Runtime for Chrome. Allows you to run Android apps on the Google Chrome 37 or later web browser. But you need to prepare Android apps manually before you can load them. Paid apps won’t run properly and some other apps crash if they rely on frameworks or other components that aren’t available. However, the Google Marked is big and you can find many apps that do work.

If you want to give it a try, get to the GitHub project page where you’ll get a full walkthrough to get it up and running. Read official ARChon Guide

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