Probably you already know that when dealing with Verizon is extremely hard to tweak your smartphone or tablet, in our case we have the HTC One M8 from Verizon. Unfortunately Verizon carrier has some strong factory restrictions implemented and it is very hard to root your smartphone. These restrictions usually are applied to you to be stacked with Verizon and not be able to change your carrier. We have found some pretty easy root methods for HTC One M8 Verizon. Pay attention as the most root methods can brick your phone and you will not be able to unbrick it. Thanks to xda-developers guys you can safely learn how to unlock the bootloader or root you HTC One M8 stacked with Verizon.

Let’s begin step by step, during this guide you will learn how you can easy root your Verizon HTC One M8. Don’t worry as this step by step guide is safe and you can also find it on xda-developers community. All the bellow steps have been tested and are working without problems.

Please read several times all the steps, make sure that you have all you need and follow each step, please don’t miss a step.

Rooting HTC One M8 via CF-Auto-Root Tool

Step 1. Connect your HTC One M8 to your PC via USB cable.

Step 2. You must be sure that you have installed USB drivers for your phone. You can also download them from the following link and install them while your phone is connected to PC via USB cable.

Download USB Drivers HTC One M8

Step 3. For this step you have to Download the CF-Auto-Root application tool.

Download CF-Auto-Root

Step 4. Now copy the file you downloaded “” file in to the smartphone memory, would be great if you will use a microSD card and copy it there.

Make sure to paste the .zip file in the root of the microSD card, not in any other folder.

Step 5. Now, Power Off your phone, and disconnect from PC.

Step 6. Make sure that your phone is powered off. Now you have to enter the download mode by holding “Volume Up” button + “Power” button for approximately 3 seconds.

htc one volume up power buttonStep 7. Now you should be in to the Recovery mode, select “flash zip from SD card” from the menu. Use “Volume Up or Volume Down” keys to navigate, and “Power” button to select the option.

Step 8. Press power button again and select “choose zip from sdcard“.

Step 9. To start the rooting process select “” file that you copied to your microSD card.

Step 10. When the installation is complete, go back to the main menu and select “Reboot System Now“.

That’s all, note that the root app works when you are booting up your phone, it checks and gives root to all your apps.


  1. Now you have to enter the download mode by holding “Volume Up” button + “Power” button for approximately 3 seconds.
    this combination is wrong.i wanted to root my VERIZON ONE (M8).i have done all above step and now stuck in this combination and confused.some say download mode is not in VERIZON ONE (M8).help me

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