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In Google Chrome you can easy reset the Default Settings. This option is hard to get to when using Firefox. Firefox hides the reset option in an unexpected location.

In Firefox you can find this option under Help -> Troubleshooting Information, packaged as the Refresh Firefox… Is it a smart or no? You decide.

Refresh Firefox

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Clicking on the Refresh Firefox… button restores Firefox to the default state when you just got it first installed. From there you will have to set your Firefox from scratch.

I would recommend to use the reset option when you really have big issues with Firefox, and you are accepting to loose information such as Bookmarks, History and Passwords you saved with Firefox.

If you need to troubleshoot more, you can try starting with Firefox’s Safe Mode first. The Safe Mode option restarts Firefox with the add-ons disabled and other certain settings turned off. This allows you to turn extensions on one by one and to observe which one has the bad behavior.

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Refreshing Firefox can convenient if you want to fix browser performance, if you had some unlucky experiments with Firefox, you can easy go back from your experiments to the default state.

Have you ever reset Firefox? Did you try other methods to fix Firefox problems?

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