In most of the Windows, shortcuts have little arrows to remind one that whatever you’re looking for is a shortcut. These arrows appear very attractive despite being smaller than in some previous windows versions and make it very easy for one to remove. In the process of removing these arrows, a tweak to the windows registry is required.

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One of the ways is editing the Registry manually. One can download or run extra software while editing the registry. In cases when one wants an ugly thing, one can use the registry to get back the large arrows from the Windows Vista days. Registry Editor is a powerful tool that enables altering of things which would make your system wobbly or even unworkable. It makes it easy for someone who has never hacked a system to be in a position to hack one very easily.

regedit dword32 value1

Registry Editor easily enables one to change things that make a system unbalanced or inoperable. For one to be able to use the Registry Editor, one should know a few tips. The most important thing one should not do is removing or altering things for no reason. Deleting large portions of registry will reduce the computer speed. Disabling of one drive from the windows will require one to use the registry hack to accomplish that.

The windows registry is an orderly database which contains all setting and conformations used by services, various applications and more components. One should observe keenly the registry keys since when one interferes with them they will look like folders. Registry values also contain the actual settings just like the files in folders. In the root level keys, one should know that they support dissimilar set of information.

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Remove Arrows from Shortcut Icons in Windows in 7, 8 and 10

To start with, one should open the Registry Editor by striking Start then typing “regedit”. You should press Enter to allow the Registry Editor to open and allow it make changes to your personal computer. Use the left sidebars to type the following information.

In the registry you will have to go to:


What follows next is creation of new values inside the Shell Icons folders and later choose New>String Value. Double click the new value and type information in the value data box. This removes arrows from the icons that are shortcuts.

In the Shell Icons, you will have to create a new value. Right-click the Shell Icons folder icon and choose New > String Value. Name the new value 29.

regedit - new string value

Now, you will have to double click the value and add the following data in the “Value data” box to remove arrows from shortcut icons:


regedit value box

That’s all! This is how you remove shortcut arrow from icon, very simple.

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