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There is no denying that the phones we are using today are so unbelievably advanced such that if you were to place a ‘cool’ phone of the year 2000 against iPhone 6 or Galaxy 6S, you’d almost faint. Yes, the phone technology is undoubtedly leaping forward in reaps untold. However, while the screens, the CPUs and the RAMs of the phones seem to be advancing, there seems to be something forgotten. The battery seems to be shrinking in its practical usability.

Android Battery Life - Display Settings

The Battery Hardly Lasts a Day

A basic phone ten years ago would even go for a week without requiring any extra charge. Today, It is almost impossible to walk out of the house with full charged Smartphone and return with it twelve hours later still with some charge. We can however rest convinced that the CPU, the RAM, Processor, screen and phone storage have improved in an incredible way in the way the use power. They use a fraction of what their predecessors used to consume.

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The Battery is Too Slim

If you may have noticed, the Smartphones released five years ago have thick batteries – at least compared to those of today. For mobile phone manufacturers, the thinner the battery, the better they will manage to sell the ‘slim’ image phone. This is important as far as sales are concerned but on the other hand, a thinner battery means lesser lifespan.

However, this is not to say that batteries are not improving in their performance entirely. They are being made better but not with an exponentially astounding rate as the rest of the phone components. Moreover, for battery manufacturers, the bigger a battery is, the more expensive it is. It is therefore cheaper for them to make a smaller battery hence increasing the profit margin.

Android Battery Life - Battery Use

There have been rumors of new technologies in the offing which will sweep the world by its feet. However, until that day, we remain to rely on Smartphones that can barely take us through the day. You can buy a power bank, which will supply your phone with the necessary charge when you most need it. For many people now, the power bank are a must have when walking out of the door with their Smartphones. After all, these are the phones to be seen regardless of the quality of its battery. No one wants to be seen with a phone that is not trendy, but we remain hopeful of getting trendy phones with long lasting batteries.

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