Computers connected to Wi-Fi Hotspot

Protecting your Computer Data on a Network is a thing that no one can miss it, if you want your data to be hidden from unwanted eyes on network you must be sure that you use all protection methods.

Computers connected to Wi-Fi Hotspot

1. Start with your Computer

Check your computer security, make sure you have antivirus, then check for shared folders and files which can be accessed from Network. Make sure you do not share any data by a mistake. Make sure you use a password and a username on you computer and even if someone will try to access it from network it will not have access. Using same username and passwords on different computers means they can access each other on Network.

2. Wireless Network at Home

If your are using Wi-Fi at home make sure it’s enough secured by using an encrypted password like WPA2. By not securing your Wi-Fi passwords it means that any neighbor or a stranger can access it, by accessing your Home Network, your computer from there can be accessed, or other device to connect to your home network and do some bad things. Make sure your access point has a secured password, at least 8 characters.

3. Do not connect to Wi-Fi Hotspots you don’t know

Make sure that your computer won’t connect automatically to any Wi-Fi Hotspots, when you use your computer in a place you don’t know you should turn it off always and use it only when you need it and connect to Wi-Fi Hotspots you know that are secure. Today through the cities you can find thousands of access points with no passwords and with free internet, but many of them are used to hack your computer, your passwords and to copy your data.


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