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The main reason of inserting comments on a worksheet is because this is important in marking important information and the comments are mainly printed to ensure they reach all the people with a good easy means to enhance understanding. The main procedure of printing comments on a worksheet in Excel is as explained in details below.

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  1. Start by opening the worksheet and then clicking or pressing on Review > Show All Comments and the comments will clearly display on the worksheet. One always an option of rearranging the comments in a manner that is desirable so that the comments do not cover the data making the look crowded and undesirable.
  2. The second step is clicking on Page Layout > Print titles which is then followed by the display of a Page Setup dialogue box.Microsoft Excel Page Layout
  3. On the 3rd step, one should click the Sheet tab which is normally on the top of the ribbon followed by a click on the displayed drop down list from a Comments option where one can choose either At end of Sheet or As displayed on sheet.Microsoft Sheet Page Setup
  4. The 4th step is clicking on the Print button so that one can understand the preview of the page. The result from the At the end of sheet button is different from the result of the As displayed on the listMicrosoft Excel Page Layout

In the printing process, one should choose a display that is desirable, clear and a format color that is very pleasing to the eye of the viewer bringing in an interest of reading and understanding the comments. Printing of comments is very good for enhancing analysis of information that lies within the comments and also bringing in and understanding the relationship between different comments.

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In conclusion, when one prints the worksheet normally, the comments are not always printed and that is why it is highly important to take into consideration the procedure process that has been highlighted and considered above so as to enhance the clear printing of the comments. Following the clearly stated procedure is a good strategy in ensuring a clear printing of comments on a worksheet in excel. Remember if you make a mistake, you can repeat the whole process because that’s the only way you can achieve desired results.

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