Mobile Data on Android

Everyone knows that internet mobile data for your mobile device is not cheap and it is not unlimited. That means that we have to keep under control the internet traffic and check all programs that are using too much data.

There can be social network apps that are using mobile data even if your phone is locked and you don’t use it. Fortunately Android provides some methods to block these apps from using mobile data in background or when you are not using your mobile device.

In this article we will show how to use the built-in method and third-party method:

Built-In Method to Block Mobile Data

To manage your data usage on Android device you will have head to Settings > Data Usage , at the top you will find the option to disable internet access under specific circumstances that you set. You can set your data plan traffic in GBs. This will prevent your mobile device to use more data traffic than you have set.

For example if you have 2GB data traffic plan, you can set the limit to 2GB and your mobile data will automatically be disabled when it reaches the limit. Also you can set a warning when it is close to limit.

Android Block App - Internet Mobile Data Limit

This setting will prevent you to be charged for additional traffic that you could use without knowing it.

If we go a little down, we can see all the apps that are using internet traffic. This will let you know how much traffic is used by each app. You can click on any of the app and toggle Restrict app background data option, it will block the app from using the internet in the background when you are not using it.

Android Block App - Restric backgroud data usage

Third-Party Method to Block Mobile Data

To do the same thing, maybe with some more features you can use a third-party app. We can recommend the NetGuard app that can prevent your mobile device from using mobile data and even Wi-Fi data. with this app you can easy cut internet access to any app and reduce internet traffic. Also it will help to save battery life and block ads.

How It Works?

NetGuard uses a local VPN to block Internet traffic, just like Disconnect app that filters your data. NetGuard doesn’t use your phone permission to block internet access, it uses the VPN to do that. NetGuard can be considered as a firewall app through VPN which can allow you to connect through VPN to the internet and to filter things or to block internet access to specific apps.Android Block App Internet - NetGuard

Under Settings, NetGuard gives you the option to block Wi-Fi or mobile data for all apps by default, or you can choose for a specific app to block the Internet or Wi-Fi.

Android Block App Internet - NetGuard 2

Enabling these settings can protect you from any surprises, for example now games are big enough, so when you download the game and start it, it can start to download additional files that can weight more than 1GB.

Does These Methods Work For You?

Take care especially when you have data limited plans, always use mobile data limiter to limit internet access when you reach the quote that you pay for.

Now tell us please, are these methods the best? Do you know any better methods? Write down in the comments!

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