Personally I thought that Google will go with a new smartphone called Google Nexus 7, 8 , 9, 10. But in the 7, 9, 10 series Google release some tablets, so Google decided to start with second generations and now I know that there is a huge list of Nexus 5 fans which always waited for this.

Google is Releasing The 2nd Generation of Nexus 5

This a very good news for everyone, Google Nexus 5 was on of the most popular Google smartphones ever released, the price was in middle range a pretty good camera, awesome display and design.

Today photo leaks of new Google Nexus 5 are on internet, see bellow:

nexus-5-2015-real-photo-leak-mkbhd-1Loogs like new Nexus 5 will come with 5.2″ display full HD, the phone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and a 2700 mAh battery, and probably will be built by LG.

Hope to receive more info soon, please share and comment if you have more info about the new Nexus 5 from Google.

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