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Most Windows users had probably forgot about back days popular QuickTime player from Apple. But if you are still using QuickTime player, you should take a look at this article and just after reading it to uninstall QuickTime player from your PC. 

There are two security problem recently found in QuickTime player. This are not to simple issues but are two big problems so that even experts from the Department of Homeland Security recommends all users to uninstall QuickTime player from Windows. You can use QuickTime player on your Apple Mac devices but for Windows you should get rid of it as fast as possible. There are to big security vulnerabilities and till then you should remove the player, till the vulnerabilities will be fixed. Here is how you Uninstall a Program.

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Vulnerabilities were discovered by the security company Trend Micro, which notes that till now there are no signs that vulnerabilities were used for bad things, but it says that Apple does not provide any updates so the vulnerabilities have big chances to be exploited soon. These vulnerabilities are holes to access your PC and through them can be pushed some viruses and other types of attacks. Trend Micro and DHS have confirmed that problems do not exist in OS X, so the Mac users can ignore the alert.

Last year, the security company Cylance haa discovered a vulnerability through which hackers could easy steal your passwords. The problem could affect any Windows 8.1 or earlier Windows version tablet. Same problem was found in Internet Explorer in 1997, by Aaron Spangler. Cylance has discovered that 31 de programs are vulnerable, from this list we can find Internet Explorer, Excel 2010, Adobe Reader, Norton Security Scan from Symantec and Apple’s QuickTime.

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So I would recommend to keep with us so you will know the most important security news and thing you have to do to protect yourself.

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