WD PiDrive Kit

For just $35 you you get the Raspberry Pi which has an very advanced computer potential, unfortunately you don’t get too much space where to put your files. No worries, from now on Western Digital takes care of it.

WD PiDrive Kit

Western Digital will give you 1 Terabyte of plug-and-play storage, from now on you will have a ton of space for your Raspberry Pi. The kit offered by Western Digital is called the WD PiDrive Kit, and it has everything ready to work with Raspberry Pi.

The 1TB hard drive comes with USB 3.0 connector on its backside and an 2A 5V adapter. Also they will give you even a micro SD card with an SD card adapter that you can use to load the Raspbian or Windows 10 on your Raspberry PI.


The WD PiDrive kit costs $79.99 in the Western Digital shop, which is not a bad price for 1TB external USB drive. Now you can get it and attach to it all to the back of the official $60 touchscreen and load it with movies or turn it into a  DIY kiosk or tablet.

Have Fun!

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