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Ok, from now we are waiting not only for Windows 10, but also for New Microsoft Edge Browser, which will replace the old hated Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.

Many users were waiting for Spartan Browser, as earlier in the process of development the browser was called Project Spartan. Edge Browser will be the default browser in Windows 10, of course you will have option to download and use any other browser.

Unfortunately Edge browser will not run in older version of Windows. New Edge Browser has a very similar logo as old internet explorer, it’s the same letter “e” also with blue font.

What we will get from the New Edge Browser comparing with the Old Internet Explorer…

ie and edge logo

Microsoft tries really hard to get back the popularity of it’s own browser and because of this, looks like they made a very clean browser which should be able to compete with other browser like Chrome and Mozilla. Lets see what we will get, at leas the logo of new Edge Browser reminds us of the old Internet Explorer.

No More Legacy Support

Old Internet Explorer carries a big amount of baggage in order to have compability with older versions of Windows, old applications and other older things. In fact latest Internet Explorer carries a lot of configurations and data from almost all older IE browsers.

edge browser notebook

Microsoft understands that they needed something new, quicker and clean. They had thrown everything, no support for old operating systems. Edge will not support ActiveX, Browser Helper Objects, third-party toolbars built for older browsers.

Edge will get Adobe Flash Support and PDF support just like old Internet Explorer or any other browser.

The Speed

Edge will be an optimized browser thanks to thrown baggage.

Edge browser will no longer need to support backward compability. As result Edge Browser is very compact, testing both Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Browser with Google Canary Benchmark we can tell for sure that Edge Browser is twice faster than Internet Explorer 11.

More than this, Edge Browser is optimized to render pages uniformly, which will look nicer comparing to IE which had problems rendering pages properly on Windows Phone devices.

Support for Extensions

We are already used to cool extensions, finally the Microsoft made a move to support JavaScript-based extensions.

For example Microsoft can run popular extension like Reddit or other News extension. Like extensions from Chrome, Edge extensions will be written using the Web languages of HTML and Java Script.

Note that extension support will come a little later, as Microsoft says, it will be available by the end of the year.

Cortana and Bing

Microsoft Internet Explorer was not wired to anything else except that the default home page was MSN and Search Engine was used also as default.

Edge Browser is tightly connected with Bing Search Engine and Cortana Personal Assitant, they will help you more easy to find what you are searching for, or to choose a location to travel for example. It’s the same thing as Chrome Browse connection with Google Maps and Google Search Engine.

edge browser cortana

Edge will try to learn all your habits and give you advice with help of Bing and Cortana.

Clean browsing

The reading view of internet explorer will be very clean, all the menus and ads will strip away. You will have only the web page you are interested in and no more distracting elements.

microsoft edge browser

Interesting is that Edge browser will have an option to annotate webpages where just with one click you can make notes directly on the website and latter to recall it. This feature will be cool on touch devices and reminds of Samsung Note where you can draw on the page to make notes.

edge browser notes

A lot more new features and new concepts in the New Edge Browser from Microsoft, and time will show if Edge Browser will not be as disappointing as Internet Explorer. 

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