Next generation of RAM (random access memory) is cumming out! DDR4 this is the name of next generation after DD3. DD4 is computer Hardware to replace DD3. This Hardware component is used as active memory, to quickly retrieve and send information. RAM is used for multitasking and helping CPU in processing data. DD4 will be the most wanted component for gamers, with new games from today our computers need more RAM.

Is DDR4 Better than DDR3?

DDR4 should be better that DD3 which was approved in 2007. Compared to DD3, DDR4 consumes with 20%-50% less power and speed boost is twice faster than DD3.

This is possible due to higher density chips and new DIMM sockets which connects to motherboard. This is specified by industry standard announced by The Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council in 2012. DDR4 is able to achieve higher speed and efficiency thanks to increased transfer rates and decreased voltage. The main selling point of DDR4 is the drastic decrease in power consumption, which is good for mobile market. Faster transfer will have better communication between RAM and CPU for a smoother user experience.

Comparison between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM.


Corsair’s Capacity Explanation

Whereas DDR3 sticks come in 8 GB each at max, which means up to 64 GB of RAM in a quad-channel motherboard (8 DIMM sockets), DDR4, which can go up to 16 GB per module, will allow for 128 GB setups. More RAM means your computer can handle more and larger processes, and while you won’t see that much RAM in practical application in the consumer space, these factors will highly impact servers, saving companies space and money.


Cool Fact: The world record for the fastest memory frequency was broken by the Ripjaws 4 Series of DDR4 RAM. The new record sits at 4,004 mHz.

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