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Our modern lives tend to revolve around the longevity of our gadget’s battery. A Smartphone owner will plan their day around how long the battery will last during the day. A person wearing a pacemaker will worry once the battery of their device starts showing low battery alert sign. Electric cars are not popular because there is none that can maintain charge for long journeys or long periods.  If only they were batteries that can last for long, may be weeks they would be the best options for car owners.

New Battery Technology - Titanium dioxide

The lithium batteries that we use today have a graphite anode. There is new technology coming up in Singapore whereby the graphite anode is to be replaced with titanium dioxide nano-tubes. This new technology is suggested to prolong the lifespan of the battery of a battery to around 20 years. Moreover, charging the battery will only be taking 2 minutes. In short, our lives will no longer be micromanaged around the limitations of the batteries that we have today.

How the New Batteries Work

The batteries that we have today have a graphite negative anode which has a large surface area. While this is so to ensure higher charging and discharging capacity, there is the disadvantage of the battery losing its efficiency in just about 500 cycles. This means a battery can only serve you efficiently for a year. In the titanium nano-tube batteries whose tubes are a thousandth times thinner than the human hair the chemical reactions are much more efficient.

The use of the nano-tubes enables the battery to take in more current with less amount of heat. This means that such a battery can be charged up to 70% in just about 2 minutes. The chemical reactions in the battery are more efficient while charging and discharging it. This is what makes the battery last for over 20 years without the need of being replaced.

What are the Benefits?

New Battery Technology - Titanium dioxide 2

The benefits that can be attributed to these batteries are far reaching. Drivers of electric cars will not need to know every charging point on every street of the city. They will also be saved from buying a new battery every other few years. Don’t forget that besides retaining charge for a long time, these batteries take a fraction of the time the contemporary ones take to charge.  They are just far much better and made using more advanced technology.

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