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You probably have heard of network sharing yet if you were to be pinned and asked the hard questions; you’d probably just stammer some vague answer. Network sharing involves several basic concepts, which will help you understand the other more complicated and advanced concepts. People using different computers are able to access same information when the machines are networked.  Let’s look into basic concepts such as computer name, IP address and workgroup to have a better understanding into what networking is all about. This will help you get started in networking whether at home or at your place of work.

Network and Internet - Network Sharing


Computers found in a local group such as that at home or workplace comprise of a workgroup. Such computers are peers and they don’t have control over each other. Because workgroup computers act as peers, they are designed to detect each other and any other resources such as a printers, folders and scanners within the group. A workgroup usually consists of no more than 20 computers.

Computer Name

You might have clicked on the properties of your computer and seen ‘computer name’. Every computer should have a name especially if it belongs to a group of other computers. When you install an operating system, you will be prompted to give the name of the computer. You can easily learn your computer’s name by going to the control panel and following to the system and security and then system. To create a good name for your computer, you should use at most 15 characters and no special characters such as hyphens or asterisks.

The IP Address

Whenever you connect to a network whether local or the internet, your computer gets assigned an IP address. This numerical label for your PC simply means Internet Protocol and is used in almost an exact way as the computer name only that this one uses numerals and dots. The internet router which you use to connect your computer to the internet is the one that assigns this special and unique code to your computer. To learn of your computer’s IP address you simply need to press the WIN and R at the same time. Then type CMD and press enter.

Networking is the way to go if you are working with several computers. You can share information without using internet.  It is an advanced technology that has been there for years now and it’s not likely to go away any time sooner.


The last thing that should not be omitted is your computer data security. When your computer is connected to a network there always is a chance to get hacked. Here is how to protect your personal computer data.

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