NFS Porsche Unleashed

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed was also released as Need for Speed: Porsche 2000 and Need for Speed: Porsche. This is an old classic racing game with only Porsche car models and unlike any other Need For Speed game, this one has a very big range of Porsche models from 1950 to 2000.

The game give you the opportunity to race on a wide range of tracks located in Europe. The game is a realistic simulation where you drive your cars that you bought, you crash them, repair and tune. You have a big range of Porsche part to tune your car.

The game has three modes to play, Single player and Multiplayer, Factory Driver and Evolution. The Factory driver gives you the opportunity to do different racing tests and deliveries of Porsche cars. The Evolution mode, lets you to start the carrier from one of the oldest Porsche and progress by winning and spending money repairing the car after races, tuning the car with the new improved parts.

NFS Porsche Unleashed

The game is very informative, it contains a lot of data about each Porsche car in the game, and there are about 90 Porsche models, also there are videos which tells you the Porsche story.

Sadly the EA Games turned off the Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed servers in 2004. Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed had a very big community and many fans still love this game because it is very close to reality and it has a wide range of Porsche that you can buy, sell, repair and tune.

Fortunately fans, I would call them genius guys built their own servers and program called IPLounge that allows you to play Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed, multiplayer mode online just like real Need For Speed servers.

Online Multiplayer Mode with IPLounge

To Play Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed online, you will have to gave the clean game installed on your PC. If you have some customizations, please reinstall the game. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you have, the IPLounge will fix all issues, so the game will work. Follow the next steps.

1. Install and Run IPLounge

Go to and download the first from the list PU & HS IPLounge – Version X.

Open the archive file and run the IPLounge Setup.

IPLounge Setup

Choose the language that you want the IPLounge to use, and continue with installation. After installation launch the IPLounge. Important! Remember that IPlounge has to be started always with admin rights. See the screenshot.

IPLounge Run as Administrator

When running IPLounge you will be asked to enter your credentials. If you are not registered you will have to click on “Register” and in the new window enter your Username, Password, Email and Security Question and Answer the press “Register” again.

IPLounge Register

After registering your username and password will be filled in, you just click on “Save” button. See the screenshot.

IPLounge Login

Then click on “Login” button from the right menu, you will automatically login.

IPLounge Login 2

2. Fix Game Errors with IPLounge

Then next step would be to fix all game errors, so it will be compatible with your PC and Windows and it will be able to run multiplayer mode online.

Just after login, the IPLounge will scan the game and should ask you to fix the errors, click “Yes“, and then close the Options window. See the screenshot.

IPLounge Fix Errors

Now from the IPLounge right menu, go to “Options“.

IPLounge options

From Options window select “Status“. In status window you will see with red dots, the things you have to repair.

IPLounge Options WIndow

Then click on “Fix Menu” and fix the “Unknown Version” and “3.5 Patch” in my case. I will have to go to Patches and apply the “NoCD Patch“.

IPLounge NoCD Patch

Then close the IPLounge, and start it again, remember to start it always by running as adminstrator. Press Login from the right menu to login.

IPLounge status

The IPLounge will scan your game and will show in the chat box, your username and status, if everything is green, it means that you are ready to race. Also if Hosts File is red, don’t pay attention, as its for hosting the game, if you want to host the game, you will have to forward NFS Porsche Unleashed port on your router. Well I never did it, I am just joining others created game sessions.

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3. Join Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed Multiplayer

Before joining the game, you will have to setup yourself a game profile with all cars unlocked and tuned, this also can be done through IPLounge.

Go to “Options” -> “Status” -> “Fix Menu” -> “Clean Garages”. There write your game username and click on “Mod 91 Car”. The game will create a profile mode with your username and all 91 cars unlocked and tuned. See the next screenshot.

IPLounge Clean Garage

Now to join the game, press right click and join on a created game PU which stands for Porsche Unleashed. See the next screenshot.

IPLounge join game

The IPLounge will automatically start the game. You will have to select your profile from the game and click “Continue”. First you will have to go in game to “Options” -> “Controllers” and click “select defaults

Then go to main menu and select “multiplayer” then “peer to peer – IP

There you will have to write “iplounge” next to “IP Address”, and click “Connect“. See the next screenshot.

NFS Porsche Unleash IP Address

After pressing “Connect” button, you should see the following window from the game where you can choose your car and chat with your opponents.

NFS Porsche Unleashed - Join Game

Pay attention as guys playing Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed, prefer that everyone to have the same car. If you will not accept their rules you will be kicked. Next you can see some gameplay screenshots. Have Fun!

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