Moto%20360%20Dynamic%20Gray[1]The very computerized-looking Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch or even the Apple Watch are no match for what Motorola has up its sleeve. The Moto 360 design is a huge step forward for smartwatches. It’s round, it’s comfortable to wear, and it looks like a normal watch.

The front of the 360 is almost entirely covered by a 1.56 inch filled with 205 pixels per inch with a 320×290 round LCD protected by Gorilla Glass 3. That’s not the fancy OLED screen or sapphire glass, but it’s a better trade-off given the on-point price.

The Moto 360 weighs 49g, which is actually lighter than Apple Watch or Samsung Gear Live. It’s officialy available from September 5th, 2014 for just $249 with a leather band (gray or black), or $299 with a stainless steel band later in the fall.

It is IP67 water and dust resistant, meaning you can get it a little wet and it won’t die. Not completely waterproof, but it can go a depth of 1 meter for about 30 minutes before you run into trouble.

MOTO-360-HEALTH-MOBILE-UK-Pg6dkTTa[1]What’s Inside?

The Moto 360 runs on Google’s Android Wear, a version of Android that’s designed to be used on wearable devices like smartwatches. This means voice dictation is a large part of how you interact with it. It can do a number of things, such as display incoming calls and texts, measure your heart rate, pull up directions from Google Maps, count your steps, and tell you the weather.

It runs on an inexplicably ancient 1GHz single-core OMAP 3 with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. It connects to Android smartphones running Android 4.3, Android 4.4 and the Android L beta through the Android Wear app and Bluetooth 4.0.

moto 360 charging

The Moto 360 battery life gets about a day per charge with a 320 mAh battery. It’s slightly bigger than the Samsung Gear Live battery of 300 mAh, but smaller than the LG G Watch 400 mAh battery or the Apple Watch battery. At least there’s a novel way to recharge the 360 in the night, using a Qi charging dock which comes with it.  It dims the display so that you can get to sleep, but also see the time as you sleep away into a dream.

The Moto 360 is the first smatwatch that truly feels like a cool wristwatch more than a piece of technology. It’s circular design has set a new standart for smartwatches to come, even the new Apple Watch envies it. The battery life needs to be a lot better, hopefully not physically but mAh’ly (if we can say so).

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