After Linux Mint, more and more Linux Distros started to try winning user hearts with amassing beautiful styles, colors and smooth feeling when working with Linux. In 2014 we had been impressed by Elementary OS, a Linux desktop which was above it’s time, based on Ubuntu it was just better looking and feeling that a Mac OS X. In 2015 we have 3 new Linux Distros to appear, as we see their developers already know how to win Linux users hearts.

Ozon OS

Many of you heard of Numix, on of the best theme makers. So the team decided to collaborate with Nitrux and they decided to release a distro called Ozon OS which currently is in Alpha stage. We can expect Ozon OS to be on of the most beautiful in 2015, I am sure that Numix is doing all the best to impress us.

ozon os screenshot

Evolve OS

Evolve OS currently is in beta version, it has some things based on once popular Solus OS. Evolve OS is almost written from scratch and as we see the beta version the OS is looking very beautiful and elegant. Many users will like it, I am sure.

evolve os login screenshot

Elementary OS Freya

Elementary OS which many accused it to be the OS x clone is releasing it latest version Freya. Maybe Elementary OS is inspired by OS X, but anyway it cannot be same as OS X as we are comparing two absolutely different operating system.

Elementary OS Luna is also know as the most beautiful distro, many users for which was hard to choose between Windows and Linux, went to Linux just because of beautiful Elementary OS. Freya will be released in first quarter of 2015 and it is expected to have some very good improvements.

elementary os freya screenshot


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