We buy and use phones everyday and majority of the users don’t care much about the details because all they look for are the features that they want to use. However, some people are normally curious and ask themselves more questions concerning the devices. In case you’re a curious mind that always look for more information about what is around you, I believe you also want to know about the mobile phones’ operating systems. Check them out! It’s also advisable that before you buy your mobile phone, it’s good to have a clear understanding of the phone’s operating system to ensure that it offers what you want.


screenshot elevate ios app

Apples iOS is nothing less than a well-integrated ecosystem as well as a good intuitive interface. It offers its users a very full apps marketplace partly because Apple has several apps that it owns and partly to avail variety of choices for the users. If you have a Mac or an iPad and iPod, then you won’t have a hard time handling an iPhone. Whenever there is an OS upgrade, the new version is normally made available for all iPhones and other iOS devices at the same time.


In case you want an operating system with the most customizable OS, Android is your ideal and that’s why many curious minds love its devices. Android operating system gives manufactures an opportunity to add many software features to their products, which they think will add to the already cool experience its users are enjoying. The latest versions from Androids include Google Nexus mobile phone and Android 6.0 Marshmallow not mentioning the 5X and 6P.

BlackBerry 10

blackberry passport

Recently, BlackBerry released what one can call the mobile phones of the century – Leap and BlackBerry Passport. It has now joined the smartphones operating system and it had earlier released the Priv, a handsets that run Google Android.

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The latest mobile phone from Microsoft is called the nee Windows Phone. To say the least, Microsoft’s operating system has the simplest and the most desirable interface. With the launch of the latest Lumia 950, which can easily be integrated with Office and other Microsoft services, they make the phone to look more economically oriented.

Choose a mobile phone with an operating system that you like. This is a device that you have to use daily and therefore it has to be most suitable for you.

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