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Microsoft recently announced that OneNote would be absolutely free! OneNote is a noting app from Microsoft. It is more like a sense of organizing things and doing note. It is clean and minimal, no distracting elements or unnecessary things.

In OneNote, users can add text, create tables, insert pictures. OneNote saves data automatically for the user as the user works. OneNote saves information in pages which are organized into sections within notebooks. You can directly make notes and add material from other applications.

OneNote integrates search features and indexing features, as well as free-form graphics and audio repository. You can search for images, make screen captures. It can also search for “electronic ink” annotations as text, and phonetically searches audio recordings on a text key. It can replay audio notes and much more.

Till now we knew Microsoft as bad designers with bad intuition. Now I am impressed with the apps they release like OneNote.

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Where Can You Use OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote

Well, Microsoft OneNote is perfect for tablets, desktops, laptops, and phones. OneNote is a cross-platform app. It is supported by Windows and Windows Phone, and sure you can use it on your Android, iOS or Mac device, and even more, you can use it on the web with the OneNote Online.

OneNote also includes built-in synchronization with OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), where you can access the same notes on all of these devices. So great!

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Microsoft OneNote Totally for Free!

Microsoft OneNote, first went for free back in 2014, where anyone could download it for free and start doing notes. The app was also available on Mac. There were some really necessary features that were available only for Premium users.

With the recent announcement from Microsoft, they have removed all restrictions from the free version of OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote

Sections can be password protected. Now you can split sections, each with multiple pages and protect them.

Revision History. Now you can have backups that can help you to retrieve past drafts and other documents you lose.

Audio and video notes. You can quickly create audio and video notes.

Audio and video search. OneNote can find certain sections of audio or video based on a text search.

Embedded files. Now you can embed files directly into notebooks. OneNote can handle them without a problem.

Well, everything that was for Premium users, now you get it for free as a simple user. To download and use OneNote for free just visit:

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