Most of people are using computer mouses with their right hand, the mouses initially were designed to be used with your right hand.

It is easy to change your mouse from the right-hand to the left-hand, as well as the mouse buttons and not the last thing, to turn your mouse pointer to show the arrow at the right-side.

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To Use Mouse With The Left Hand

To start using the mouse with the left-hand, the mouse buttons will have to be virtually replaced. The main click will be now on the 2nd mouse button instead of first, and the right-click button will now be accessed from the left button on the mouse.

To do it, you will have to open the “Control Panel”, you can search it from the Start Menu, and then go to “Mouse”. Here you can change all settings that are related to mouse.Control Panel - Mouse

Then from the Mouse Properties you have to check the “Switch primary and secondary buttons” box. This will make your mouse more left-hand friendly. Just before hitting OK button, your primary mouse button will the the one from right.

mouse - switch primary and secondary buttons

Now you can use your mouse with your left hand. Still not everything is perfect, as the mouse cursor pointer will be pointing to the left side of the screen instead of the right side. So we will have to change it too.

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To Change Mouse Cursor Pointer

Again from Control Panel -> Mouse you will have to open the second tab this time. So from Mouse Properties window, go to Pointers tab.

Mouse Properties - Pointers

From here you can Browse through your computer and use any other mouse pointer icon instead of the original ones.

Download Mouse Pointers For Left Hand

Here we included all of the 6 cursors that are pointing to the right of the screen so you can use your mouse with the left hand.

Download Here

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Unfortunately most mouses are designed to be used with your right hand. Anyway I can recommend you to be a mouse which you will be able to use with your left hand too. If you are working a lot of time on the computer, sometime you will need to make a pause using your mouse with your right hand as you can get health problems. So I recommend you from time to time to switch mouse to your left hand so you right hand will relax.

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