The retro photo-sharing company, named Instagram announced the release of a new app called Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse allows you to take time-lapse videos without any equipment. It’s really easy to use and it has a beautiful interface.

Time-lapse it’s a photography technique where the frequency at which your film frames are captured is much lower than the time needed to view the footage you recorded.

All you need to do is download and install Hyperlapse to your iOS device from iTunes, and you’ll be taken through a few tabs that explain what the app is all about. You need to allow Hyperlapse to access your camera and microphone. And you’re done!

Now to create your first time lapse, press the white record button and film a video. When you stop it, the video will be processed and then replayed at a speed of 6x, at the bottom of the app you can set the speed to as slow as 1x or faster to 12x. Now click the green checkmark, video will be saved to your camera video, and you’ll be able to share it directly through app to Facebook or Instagram.

Hyperlapse is available only for iOS, however Android users should wait because Instagram for sure will release a version for them.

Here are some time-lapse videos:

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